The Best Resistance Bands – The Ultimate Guide

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The Most Important Information

The best resistance bands will be the closest you can get to a gym in a bag. A set of high-quality bands is pretty much essential for prehabilitative work regardless of your current level of strength. For this reason, I recommend bands for athletes of all levels. 

To understand the reasons behind the recommendations I make in this article please continue reading. Otherwise, you can skip to my recommendations

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The standard material for a loop resistance band is natural latex rubber. Materials other than natural latex, such as synthetic latex, should be avoided. 

Note: Many resistance bands have this awful factory odor regardless of the material used. Take a look at what past customers have experienced with regard to this.

Build Quality

There are a few key characteristics I look for in the build of a resistance band:

  • Multiple layers
  • A fair warranty

Multi Layer Build

The main reason I recommend layered bands is because of the increased durability. They are also more reliable and fairly risk-free.

A band without multiple layers won’t last. When a single layer band tears, it flies back at you without warning. When a layered band tears, it tears in one small spot fist. More often than not, this will give you the opportunity to toss the band before it snaps back in your face. 


Resistance bands won’t last forever. A rubber band is still a rubber band.

Used every day of the week, a resistance band should last about a year and a half. If you train with your resistance bands less than 3 days a week, your bands should last 2-3 years.

Lifetime Warranty

Yes, you could have an unlimited supply of bands. If you take a lifetime warranty you’ve got to be okay settling for a set of mediocre bands. 

One Year Warranty Or Less

Resistance bands that come with a shorter warranty are generally higher quality. These bands last longer, they have no odor, and overall, are much nicer to use. 

Maximum Stretch

One of the reasons resistance bands can be so short-lived is because users keep overstretching them. Never stretch your bands past about 2½-3 times its resting length. 

To accommodate most exercises, you should get bands that have a resting length of 41 inches.

Level Of Resistance

Regardless of how you train, sooner or later you’ll need variety. Having different levels of resistance across a number of bands is necessary. 

To get the most out of your training you should have resistance levels ranging from roughly 15-100 pounds (6.8-45.36 kilograms). Usually, this means having at least four bands at your disposal. 

Note: Always check the product description to verify exactly how many bands are included.


In this article, I only recommend loop bands. This is because of their versatility and overall value compared to any other band style.

Loop Bands

Loop bands are long bands that form a continuous circle. No other band can fully accommodate any type of training and all movement patterns. Loop bands should measure roughly 41 inches long to accommodate all exercises.

If you train with loop bands you’ll need to purchase one or two special anchors and a pair of training gloves. These will keep your bands and hands intact. 

Bands With Rings Or Handles

These bands are made with rubber tubing. They generally come with a Ring or a handle attachment to give the user a comfortable material to grip. Bands with Rings are best suited for any upper body training.

While these allow you to avoid the use of gloves, they are bulkier because of their attachments and their 4-foot length. Because this style doesn’t form a continuous circle, it is less than ideal for lower body training. You will also need a wall anchor to take full advantage of these bands.

Mini Loop Bands

A mini band is a smaller, thinner version of the loop band. These are commonly used for physical therapy. They usually measure 1 foot long.

The negatives: they break very easily and they can only be used for strengthening very weak muscles.

Figure-Eight Bands

A figure-eight band is essentially a miniature version of a ‘Band with rings or handles’. 

The figure-eight band is only useful for some upper body work. These are just shy of useless compared to a standard loop band.


  • Natural latex rubber
  • Multiple layers
  • 1-year warranty or less
  • Sufficient resistance for your intended use
  • Loop band(s)


Rogue Loop Bands

There are eight different Rogue Monster Bands. Their resistance levels range from 15-200 pounds (6.8-90.72 kilograms). These bands are a great choice for athletes that want precise resistance levels to work with. Each band measures 41 inches long.


These loop bands are made with layered, odorless, natural latex rubber which puts them ahead of most resistance bands on the market. Rogue Fitness also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on each individual band.


The only con may be the price. If you buy a smaller number of bands you’re actually better off with Rogue Fitness from a price standpoint. If you want more bands for less, you may prefer what Iron Infidel has to offer.

Click here for more details.

Iron Infidel Loop Bands

Iron Infidel offers a pack of four bands with resistance levels ranging from 20-120 pounds (9.07-54.43 kilograms) and a pack of five bands with resistance levels ranging from 20-150 pounds (9.07-68.04 kilograms). These bands are each 41 inches long.


Like the other set of bands on this list, these are also made with odorless natural latex rubber. Iron Infidel offers a 1-year warranty. 


If you are looking to buy a bundle, one of these packages will suit your needs. Otherwise, you may be better off with Rogue Monster Bands.

Click here for more details.

Last Words

To sum everything up, I believe that every athlete should own a set of resistance bands if they don’t have access to a commercial gym. For rehabilitation and prehabilitation purposes, Rogue Monster Bands are a better option since you’ll only need the lower resistance levels. For regular strength, prehabilitation, and rehabilitation work, the Iron Infidel resistance band package is ideal.

I hope this helps! Please leave a comment if you feel like something was missed or if there’s a topic you’d like to see covered in the near future. 

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