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The world of fitness is evolving every day. The information and the products that are available in the fitness industry are tough to choose from. This is especially true when companies advertise their knowledge and products as though they are suitable for any athlete at any stage of their athletic development. 

Athletes can’t afford to gamble their valuable time or hard-earned money. We do our very best to make spending resources on fitness goals an investment that can be done with confidence.

Our Objective

Here at Athletic Grit, we make it our personal mission to cut through the bull surrounding athleticism. We also bring the general knowledge athletes need to the table. This allows them to take steps towards realizing the athletic lifestyle they want to be living.

With our knowledge, making a worthwhile investment is no longer a gamble.

How We Operate

We do not test all of our recommended products, services, and training methods. We rely heavily on feedback and extensive research. That said, it is our goal to approach content creation from as many angles as possible. We always provide athletes with the best knowledge we have to offer. 

Many companies try to sell products without mentioning important things to watch out for.  Every piece of information we publish is accompanied by a comprehensive guide. We use these to show athletes whether or not they should invest their resources in the products, services, or training methods we recommend.

Anything and everything that is produced by Athletic Grit is personally verified by me, Matthew Becher, the founder and the chief editor of Athletic Grit. As the head of our operations, I make sure that everything we create is aligned with our unique values. 

Matt Becher – The Founder

You will be interested in what we have to offer if these statements resonate with you:

  • You are serious about living or pursuing an athletic lifestyle.
  • You want advice based on customer experience and extensive research so that you know you’re only investing in valuable products.
  • You need no BS information describing the difference between tools or training methods you can, should, and especially should not be using.
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