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My History

I’m Matt Becher – an athlete, fitness enthusiast, and the founder of this company.

Since the young age of 15, I’ve had a keen interest in fitness. My own athletic journey began when I joined a local boxing gym in Canada. Since then, I’ve trained in many places and explored many avenues of fitness such as weight lifting, field sports, calisthenics, weighted calisthenics, and martial arts, namely Muay Thai. In 2020, Covid-19 caused a near worldwide shutdown which forced me to leave many of the latter athletic avenues behind. 

During this pandemic, my newfound interest in business combined with the lack of an accessible fitness community motivated me to create a community of my own. 

Athletic Grit was born. 

A few months prior to the existence of this company, I began to learn the science of athletic development. I pondered how I would create my own training program and set up my own home gym. I realized that while there were a few trustworthy sources, none seemed to acknowledge the big picture: What’s valuable for one athlete, isn’t necessarily valuable for all athletes.

Athletic Grit exists to be a reliable source that also considers the big picture.

Our Future

If you’re reading this, you are a participant in the development of a new company. I am devoted to the improvement and evolution of Athletic Grit. My dream is to create a place where athletes and aspiring athletes, like yourself can come for truly helpful information and guidance.

Any feedback you have for the team and I is absolutely appreciated. After all, Athletic Grit exists for you, a member of our new community.

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